Literacy games

Literacy skills are not just important for school aged children, but they also build a foundation for future academic success and overall achievement.

Our literacy games are carefully designed to improve speech and cognitive skills; build motivation; enhance concentration and strengthen their attention span.

Harness the power of your child’s imagination and teach them alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and oral language. All while they play!

numeracy games

Enable your child to develop their strategic thinking and ability to analyse information and problem solving.

Improve basic skills, enhance number and operation sense and create an all-important positive attitude towards maths.

Our mathematic games will not only teach your child the basics and beyond, but force them to communicate their mathematical problem solving, giving them confidence amongst their peers.

Measurement & Statistics, and Geometry

Often seen as the most difficult areas of mathematics to teach, measurement & statics and geometry often frustrate children and leave them baffled.

With our games you will be able to create a context for using geometric reasoning and will allow the introduction of ideas that are difficult to develop in other ways.

The board games will also lead pupils to work above their normal level without defined academic limits, so will allow all children to think freely and learn complex ideas without even realising it!