Exclusively Available to all NZ Schools

Now available to all NZ Schools and Educational Institutions is our exclusive School Wide Licence of Dotty Dice Educational Games NZ.  This allows you to receive all our games in PDF format for YOU to print the games, when you need, as many times as you like.


Over 60 games in total, focusing on a range of Literacy, Maths, Geometry, Measurement, & Statistics Skills.


You might choose to laminate them or leave them plain. It’s up to you. 


The School Wide Licence will provide you with considerable savings over the years to come, with a one-off, one-time charge for the whole school!


Click on the button below to download and read the Lifetime Licence agreement.

* Special offer! *

Buy any 5 digital packs for $218.00 + GST

1 pack contains 5 individual games

How much does it cost?

You can purchase the School Wide Life Time Licence for a one-off cost of just $455.00 plus GST.

Our School Wide Licence provides permission to the school who purchases the license to print all 65 of our games.  The games printed must be for internal school use only and may not be given or sold to other educational institutions or teachers/staff from other institutions.  As soon as we process your order you will receive an  email containing your download link(s).

How can I buy?

Just complete the contact form to the right and we will be in touch. If you would like to take advantage of our special offer, please request which 5 digital packs you wish to purchase.

School purchase order numbers are not required for us to process your order which can be invoiced directly to your school. You can pay by direct credit or cheque. Let us know if you would like to receive a copy of your invoice to pay in advance.

Why use PDF?

PDF format has been getting more and more popular and receiving some excellent feedback. This format is more cost-effective, can be stored on the school network for use by other teachers and printed out in high quality. There are no shipping costs on PDF orders and you can start using your resource almost straight away.

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